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“Brothers and sisters, I want to tell you this. The greatest thing on earth is to have the love of God in your heart, and the next greatest thing is to have electricity in your houses.” (Farmer giving witness in a rural Tennessee church in the early 1940’s)In 1936 Congress approved the Rural Electrification Administrative Act. This was born out of the need to provide electricity to the many families who lived in rural America. Many of these people lived in sight of the towns and could see the city lights. Rural life was a grim struggle and had few rewards and little conveniences

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WARNING – AWARENESS OF ONLINE PAYMENT PROCESS: We want members to be aware that a company known as DOXO, INC, which is not at all affiliated with CEC, is using our contact information and reputation to market its online bill payment service to potential customers. The only way online payments should be made to Concordia is by signing onto our website, www.concordiaelectric.com, which uses PAYMENTUS, our secure online payment company. We are not affiliated with any other third party bill payment service and will not be responsible for payments made through them. We will also not be responsible for late payments made through any other third party bill pay service. If you have questions when making a payment, please call our office at 318-339-7969 or 800-617-6282. Thank you.