Tariff No. C-5

Objective – With the high cost of energy which is being experienced, as compared to years past, and with many people on fixed incomes, Concordia Electric desires to make available to its “residential” consumers a method of leveling their electric payments.

Policy Content and Provisions – Be it resolved that the Board of Directors of Concordia Electric Cooperative, Inc. establishes the following rules and regulations with respect to the Objective:

To request a form for Levelized Billing Plan please contact Concordia Electric Cooperative, Inc. or visit during normal business hours.

SECURITY LIGHTING – Rate Schedule Tariff SL – LPSC No. 8

AVAILABLITY – Available to Concordia Electric Cooperative, Inc. consumers throughout the service territory where facilities of adequate capacity are available and adjacent to premise to be served. APPLICABILITY – Applicable to consumers for dusk to dawn outdoor lighting in close proximity to existing overhead secondary circuits, subject to the established rules and regulations of this Cooperative. TYPE OF SERVICE – One, 175 watt, mercury vapor light fixture mounted on existing wooden pole with bracket attachment and connected to existing overhead secondary circuits. Basic charge is $6.88, plus power cost adjustment on 80 kWh, if set on exiting pole. If pole has to be set for light or transformer hung to serve light there is an additional charge of $0.50 per item.


Act 629 of Louisiana Revised Statutes 45:1220-1222 requires the Louisiana Public Service Commission to adopt rules to ensure that utilities implement a deferred billing program, whereby certain customers may pre-enroll in a program that allows them to defer payment on a bill up to twelve (12) months. This will be only when an “Energy Emergency” has been declared by the Commission and only for that time period. It is only effective for those “Energy Emergency Deferred Billing Program Eligible Customers” who have pre-enrolled.

“Energy Emergency Deferred Billing Program Eligible Customers” will include any of the following:

For an application or more information please visit your Cooperative Office in Jonesville Louisiana.